Florida Appeals, Trial Support, and Policyholder Insurance Coverage Lawyers

Who we are

Buell Elligett Farrior & Faircloth, P.A. consists of distinguished trial and appellate lawyers who bring experience, skill, analysis and commitment to each client's matter. As graduates of top-tier law schools Harvard, the University of Michigan and the University of Florida, our attorneys have risen to leadership positions in local and state bars and boards. Our shareholders are Board Certified Specialists in the fields of Civil Litigation, Business Litigation and Appeals. Our many awards and accolades speak to both our professional reputations and our trial experience.

What we do

Litigating today's challenging and often complex legal issues demands attention to detail, careful analysis and effective courtroom skills. Claiming to be aggressive or tenacious is no substitute for acumen and actual experience. Our attorneys have decades of experience handling cases involving:

How to reach us

Buell Elligett Farrior & Faircloth, P.A. is located in Tampa, Florida and serves individuals and businesses throughout Florida. Please call (813) 874-2600 or contact us with questions about your case.