Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith Litigation

Helping recover full and fair compensation, and the protection policyholders paid for

Buell Elligett Farrior & Faircloth, P.A. represents insured policyholders and injured claimants in coverage actions, and bad faith or extra-contractual claims against insurers for their handling of cases in various contexts. We have actual trial and appellate experience in state and federal courts trying and presenting coverage cases. When an underlying case has resulted in an excess judgment over the policy limits against the policyholder, the firm can assist the policyholder or the plaintiff who holds the excess judgment in the effort to obtain the full recovery from the insurance company. The firm has litigated insurance disputes in state and federal trial and appellate courts for clients in each of the following areas:

  • Automobile insurance: Even a seemingly straightforward motor vehicle accident can give rise to complicated liability and uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance coverage issues. Our attorneys can help you take the steps to best protect yourself, whether you are the victim of an accident or the target of a claim.
  • Premises insurance: As a landowner or renter, you may purchase insurance to offset risks associated with injuries or mishaps that occur on your property. Scope of coverage might be one reason used by insurance companies to delay or deny your claim. Find out what you can do to fight back against claim delays or denials when you contact the law offices of Buell Elligett Farrior & Faircloth.
  • Professional insurance: Licensed professionals including doctors, lawyers and accountants need lawyers to advocate for them in claims involving malpractice. Our firm offers comprehensive legal advice on this and other areas of the law.
  • General liability casualty insurance: Many businesses carry a “catch-all” insurance referred to in the industry as Commercial General Liability (CGL) coverage. Narrow positions taken by insurers regarding CGL policies could leave the insured business facing costly litigation, in which the business itself might be held liable for damages. Depending on the type of policy you have and the scope of coverage, we can help you pursue legal recourse after insurance delays or denials.
  • Construction industry insurance: CGL coverage is but one of the potential types of insurance that may apply to claims arising from property damage or personal injury claims on construction sites. The firm can assist in preserving the rights of policyholders and claimants who must navigate the complex and intricate world of insurance policies that may apply to construction-related lawsuits.
  • Life insurance: Beneficiaries of life insurance policies sometimes face wrongful insurance denials, even when the policyholders faithfully paid premiums throughout their lifetime. Our attorneys are dedicated to helping surviving spouses and named beneficiaries gain the compensation to which they are rightfully entitled.
  • Disability insurance disputes: Unfortunately, some individuals facing an injury or condition that prevents them from continuing to work must also face the denial of disability benefits designed to protect them when they cannot work. Buell Elligett Farrior & Faircloth can help you fight back against insurance companies for wrongful denials of the benefits you paid for.
  • Specialized coverages, such as title insurance: The firm has experience with the substantive and procedural hurdles facing insured policyholders for various specialized coverages. We provide our clients with the comprehensive legal advice needed to overcome potential barriers to legal recovery.
  • First party property coverage for homes and businesses: Hurricanes, fires, sinkholes and myriad other catastrophes can mean disaster and financial ruin to home and business owners whose insurance companies fail to properly adjust and pay claims. The firm has protected and established the rights of policyholders in these situations and others. We are available to assist other trial attorneys in preserving and presenting property claims in the trial and appellate courts.
  • Bad faith and extra-contractual claims: When an insurance company fails to act in good faith toward its insured, such bad faith actions can give rise to liability beyond the strict terms of the insurance policy. We are available to evaluate and pursue such complicated claims.

Buell Elligett Farrior & Faircloth’s hundreds of insurance coverage cases include numerous appellate cases including published opinions.

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